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–°ompetence for web-presence

We specialize in developing solutions that are based on PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript. For other languages and technologies (like Flash, Java, ASP, etc.) we are working together with our partners.

Except for programming, we propose a complete spectrum of services related to web-development including consulting, domain name registration, hosting, concept evaluation, design and web-site promotion.

Do you have a need for an online database? It can be your company's Intranet portal, datacenter's workspace, billing system, content management system, whatever. Everything's possible!


In many projects we are using a content management system (CMS) called TYPO3 (http://www.typo3.com/). This is one of the most professional among free CMS. It allows to create web-sites of any complexity with minimal expences. These sites are very easy to control and support by our clients without the need of programming experience (adding new menu items, texts, pictures, etc.).

Moreover, this CMS Typo3 is able to use a ready-made modules (search, news, user registration, shop) which saves time and money of the our clients. For any functionality which requires a custom-made module, we are programming our own, which fulfills the requirements of clients. It is also important that the web-site made with Typo3 can be extended and enchanced by other developers - everything is open-source in Typo3.


Sometimes we are working in cooperation with partner companies and persons:


You dont have to be Jeff Bezos (inventor of Amazon.com) or Pierre Omidyar (inventor of ebay.com) to have ideas that work. Every general internet user may have an inspiration to make a profitable web-solution. If you choose us as your partner, together we would estimate the potential of the project, make a plan and lead the project to the completion.


Outsourcing is about getting things done good and fast when you dont have enough time/people to do it internally. We are proposing our best resource - the IP of our company.

Communication becomes even more important when it comes to outsourcing. We care a lot not only to give our partners the final product in time and within a budget, but also to give them the progress feedback as often as possible, invite them to our decision making, give control over the final product that we are making together.

Our parters are located in Germany, USA, Ukraine. This gives us a lot of benefits in terms of quality of our work as well as of the cost.